30 April 2012

We publish the rules for participating in the International Prize for young composers

The VI International Competition for Wind Band Senia made â??â??us very emotional moments. The main quality of the bands who participated, did that Saturday and Sunday the Cultural filled with applause after each piece of music. Exceptional performances, two of which won the main vote of the jury. It is the nature of any competition, and is the basis on which the parts work for months to gain access to valuable first prize. But, in addition to the excellence of the participating bands we had another surprise that gives added value to our event: the announcement of the Prize for Young Composers Music for Banda village of Senia. And now we are pleased to introduce the rules for access. You can download from this link: RULES I INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR YOUNG COMPOSERS The VII International Music Band Contest "Vila de la Sénia" already have a travel companion. Living the creation, interpretation and musical, is a pleasure for all senses. And we will live our live House of Culture.