The AMS to the Contest of Altea

23 november 2010

The musicians of the AMS work with force to offer a good concert in Altea

Day 4 of December of 2010 the Agrupació Musical Senienca will have the pleasure to participate in the 39 Contest the International of Bandes de Música I saw it d'Altea. It is a great challenge, reason why it supposes to participate in one of the more prestigious musical contests of the country, by the quality of the works that will be listened to and by the work and delivery that all the musicians, director, directive and partners have demonstrated in this period of preparation.

Beyond the competitiveness it heals that it will be lived in Altea, which supposes for a band the participation in a contest is to give as much musical a qualitative jump as of cohesion of group. And here the virtue, the added value of these contests rests: a musical society working by the pleasure to arrive at the maximum level that the band can assume. This one is the great prize. And this it will be the prize that will last when the participation in the Contest of Altea is one of the historical memories that always we will recall in the conversations that not yet are written.